Alumni Testimonials


“It worked well for me. I have a full-time job, a wife, a new house, and a new baby, and I liked what the curriculum offered. It fit in with what I wanted. The program worked for me. I spent on the average, two hours a night working on the material. It is structured but it is flexible. Sometimes I worked on it during the noon hour. You just have to keep up with the assignments. I would recommend this program to anyone, depending on what curriculum they need. For me, it definitely secures my position where I am, and increased my status.”

Michael Santor
34 year old Software Engineer
2007 Graduate

“I am throughly enjoying my education with Iowa Central College Online. I study on my own and ‘attend’ class anytime I want , yet there is also a schedule of assignments and tests that are due keep me on track. The Discussion Forum is a great tool. In the Discussion Forum. we discuss topics that are given to us by the teacher; and if there is a topic that I don’t understand, I can ask questions in the Discussion Forum. There is a wide variety of knowledge in the student populaiton, from the novice, like me, to people who are already working in the field and looking to earn their degree. I give ICCC an ‘A’ and would recommend it to anyone who is looking into earning their degree.”

Tricia Strange

“As a CEO and President, I find that pressures on time are becoming tighter and tighter, The online Computer Networking Technology Associate Degree offers just the right balance for such a course. The beauty of the online CNT course is ti allows you to put in the time when it suits you and yet within a structured calendar, which allows each student to keep on track, and manage all the tasks their daily lives produce, and increase their education at the same time. [In addition,] I feel as though there is almost a one-to-one relationship with each tutor. Each course is scaled so that individuals of many levels can all work together. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a busy personal or business schedule (or both) to keep, and yet still wants to futher their formal education in the fields of Computer Networking Technology.”

Len Inkster MBCS CITP
Chartered IT Professional
CEO & President EComSecSol Consultancy, Inc. (ECSSC)

“When I first began the process of choosing an institution to pursue my degree in Information Technology, I spent roughly four months comparing recommended schools.  I knew what I was looking for and there were several factors that were very important to me.  Among those were affordability, curriculum, accreditation, and accessibility.  I was very impressed with Iowa Central Online’s curriculum because it was light on general studies, but focused heavily on the skills that I would need to be competitive immediately after graduation.  NETLABS was a major factor in my selection because it guaranteed my ability to interact with the systems that I need to get hands on experience with.  At the end of my selection process, Iowa Central Online stood out from the other institutions as the right school for me.

Once I began taking classes, I was very pleased with the faculty, courses, and flexibility.  My instructors are always willing to help explain material and assist me whenever I need it.  Having over 20 years experience with Windows based computers, I needed coursework that was challenging to keep my attention and I’ve not been disappointed.  While the courses can be challenging, they are also very rewarding.  Learning directly from instructors who have years of experience in the field is absolutely invaluable to me and classes like Cisco Routers, Network Design and Documentation, and Network Cabling have been fun, engaging, and help me build the right skills to be desirable to employers.

The recent annual study by Guide to Online Schools, ranked Iowa Central Online 4th out of 200 online schools.  Iowa Central Online was also ranked as the most affordable of the top 25.  This study factored in metrics such as Regional Accreditation, Tuition Cost, Number of Students, Number of Full/Part-Time Faculty, Student-to-Faculty Ratio, Graduation Rate, and Retention Rate.  I read the results of this study and it felt good to get affirmation that I had indeed made the right choice of institution.

I recommend Iowa Central Online to anyone who is serious about their future in the workforce, and  I have recommended Iowa Central Online to friends who trust me.  I’m 31 years old and spent eight years in the U.S. Army.  Upon separation, I worked many different kinds of jobs including retail, factory, construction, mechanic, and others.  I know first-hand how it feels to wake up in the morning and dread the idea of going in to work each day.  I believe that people absolutely must enjoy the work they do.  Happy workers are more productive and earn more because of their success.  If you’re looking at a degree from Iowa Central that would give you job opportunities in a career that you dream about, rest assured that you won’t be making a mistake.  Like all good things, hard work pays off and Iowa Central Online is certainly no exception.

In closing, I would like to add that I am over halfway finished with my degree in Computer Networking Technology and I couldn’t be happier.  My son was born on Christmas Day, 2009 and it took a lot of time away from my schooling.  I was three weeks behind in two classes but I worked harder than ever before and finished on schedule with excellent grades thanks to instructors who were understanding and more than willing to work with me to help me get back on track.  Allow me to pose some questions to all those who read this.  How bad do you want it?  Are you tired of dead-end jobs with low pay, unappreciative supervisors, and poor leadership?  Are you the kind of person that enjoys overcoming a challenge?  Are you a self-motivated individual who wants to aggressively take control of your future?  Don’t waste your time anywhere else.  Come to Iowa Central Online and show everyone that you have what it takes to push it to the next level.  You can’t get started until you take that first step and Iowa Central Online is more than a step.  It’s a leap into a new future of higher learning, job security, and empowerment to enjoy life.”

Kevin Pope


“Deciding to purse a degree in business management was one of the biggest decisions I had to make in my adult life. I was so glad I decided to go for it! My advice to someone thinking about pursuing a degree is to make sure you are willing to work hard. You only get out of it what you put into it. As long as you participate in the discussions and do the assignments, the courses will be a pleasurable experience. I have found that creating a plan for each week works best. I can’t stress enough how important the dialogue exchanged between students in the discussion forums is to understanding the curriculum. Iowa Central College Online offers a quality program and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Terry Moon

“I am benefiting from the program by being able to go to class when it’s convenient for me. I work a full-time job, so not having to go to a traditional classroom setting is a great advantage. I often share what I learn with others as I apply what I am learning in the program to my job. The instructors are great and always there to offer help. The student service department is wonderful as they are very friendly and will get back to you right away. My admissions counselor was great as well and I still email him. It is easy to stay motivated because you have plenty of work to do and the weeks just fly by. Before you know it classes are ending and you will soon start new ones.”

Shannon Bass

Criminal Justice

“I worked as a law enforcement officer for years at an accredited agency, where the technical training was of the highest level. Professionally I knew my training was top of the line, but there was something missing for me. It was then that I realized I needed to obtain a degree in Criminal Justice. My search for an accredited school was difficult because most online schools often used quick sale tactics, much like used car sales lines. Then I was introduced to Kevin Espineli of Barker Education who displayed a calm, personable style with information that was complete. It was then that I felt comfortable enough to complete my education.

I’m now proud to say that because of a great introduction to Iowa Central Community College, I’m now a graduate of the Criminal Justice program which could not have been accomplished without a professional and caring staff. I strongly recommend Iowa Central Community College to all degree seeking students and for people currently working in the field of criminal justice.”

Joe Lumpkin
2008 Graduate

“I am a 34 year old father with two full time jobs and no time for campus-based education. For me, online school was the only option and after a lengthy vetting process of various accredited schools, I decided on Iowa Central as my vehicle to further learning. Not only did they offer the best price per credit hour and a user friendly interface, the admissions staff was extremely helpful in walking me through the start-up process. At any time I encountered a problem with network service, class work, or financial aid, the IT techs, teachers, and administrative counselors were always just a phone call or email away and ready with a helpful attitude and a swift solution.

To say that I am pleased with my experience at Iowa Central would be to grossly understate the extreme pride with which I say, thank God I chose to be a Triton! My only regret is that two years flies by so fast. I received my Diploma in the mail yesterday, along with my honor roll pin, tassel, and golden cord. It sits upon my mantle with honor and in my heart with great pride. To any who ask, I reply wholeheartedly in recommending Iowa Central as the perfect starting point for anyone seeking and online education.  GO TRITONS!”

Jason Wilkins
2009 Graduate

“ICC Online makes going back to college a lot less intimidating. I had thought about returning to school for many years yet I knew that with my family, I would not be able to attend conventional college classes. Being a single mother working full and part-time in addition to having twin daughters in their last years of high school was a huge challenge, yet I graduated two weeks before they did! I began classes in July 2007 and graduated with an Associates Degree in 2009.

I looked at many different on-line schools and chose ICC as the Criminal Justice Program seemed to fit what I was looking for. The enrollment counselor that I worked with was extremely helpful with completing the application for ICC, the Financial Aid and answering all of the questions I had regarding classes and schedules as well as being an awesome cheerleader!!

The instructors for the classes were very interesting, the homework was tough yet well explained and any questions were answered very quickly. Instructor expectations as well as grading practices were well explained at the beginning of each class, yet everyone was very helpful when I had questions regarding any assignments. I found myself posting to the discussions many more times than was required and interacting with the other students to learn more and to gain insight to others perspectives on the subject we were studying.

Although returning to school was quite an adjustment, it was also very rewarding. The hours needed to complete the assignments were not always easily found yet I always kept the goal in focus!! I enjoyed it all so much that I have just signed up for more classes.”

Linda Pomeroy
2009 Graduate

“Absolutely, the best program that I have been a part of. ICCC is without a doubt the best higher learning institution whether at the ground campus or online. The commitment from the faculty to help a student achieve their goals is top notch.”

Ronald Johnson
2008 Graduate

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