Q: What certifications can I get in CNT?

Upon completion of the program, graduates are awarded an Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degree and are prepared to take their Microsoft-MCSA, A+, N+, Linux +, Security + and Cisco Certifications-CCNA.

Q: What kind of computer connection do I need?

DSL or cable modem connection (Dial Up will NOT work for these courses)

Q: Do I need a background in IT to enroll for classes?

The following tutorials are designed to acquaint you with one of the most basic procedures you will need to know.

Q: How many hours a week should I spend studying?

You should spend about 16-20 hours a week for 2 courses at a time.

Q: When will I receive the computer kit?

Depending on what classes you are enrolled in, the kit isn’t needed until you are enrolled to take Net-191, Net-211 or Net-790.


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