eBook Opt-Out Form

Students who choose to opt out of the ebook services provided by Iowa Central will not be charged a $30 per credit hour ebook fee. The student will not have access to the ebook and the student will be responsible for obtaining the required textbooks and other materials for the course(s). Please follow the steps below to opt out of Iowa Central’s ebook services.

  • Complete the entire eBook Opt Out Form. Most entry items are required on form below.
  • Enter only courses the student does not want to participate in the ebook services.
  • Form must be received at least ONE WEEK prior to the start of the course (by the Tuesday before the start of the course).
  • Two courses can be entered on to one form if the two courses have the same start date.
  • The form must be submitted for each course start date for those courses the student does not want to utilize ebook services.

In accordance with federal regulations set by the U.S. Department of Education, this form allows students to not purchase ebook services from Iowa Central. By completing this form, you are choosing to not use any of Iowa Central’s links to ebooks. You will be required to purchase all of your own materials for class.

The Opt Out Form is NOT available because the current time frame is within 7 days prior to the start or few days after the start of an 8 week online session. If you were intending to complete the eBook Opt Out Form regarding a course that is starting within a week, you are no longer permitted to complete this form at this time. Remember, you must complete the Opt Out Form at least 1 week prior to the start of the 8 week online course. Students who want to complete the form for a course starting a few weeks out will need to come back to the site at 2-3 weeks prior to the start of their course.