To better calculate the cost of attending college, Iowa Central will charge an ebook fee of $27 per credit hour at the time of enrollment.  For example, at most bookstores the textbook for BUS-102 Introduction to Business is $196 in printed form.  The ebook charge for this 3 credit hour course will only be $81 and a savings of $115.

In this example, you can see that a student utilizing an ebook has major cost saving benefits versus a physical textbook. In most cases, this will save students substantial amounts of money.

Access to the ebook will be within iNET under the Read Me First and Syllabus documents of each course. There you will find a link to the ebook. No need to worry about going to a site to pay for the ebook or trying to have the book shipped to you before the start of the class. Your access to the materials is all within the course.

In accordance with federal regulations set by the U.S. Department of Education, students who choose to opt out of utilizing the ebook services provided by Iowa Central will not be charged for the $27/credit ebook fee.  Students who choose this option will not have access to the ebook and the student will be responsible for obtaining the required textbooks and other materials for the course(s).

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Iowa Central Bookstore:

Below is the total listing of all classes offered in the 8 week online format.


Course # Course Title ISBN #
ACC 142
Financial Accounting 9780133851250
ACC 146
Managerial Accounting 9780538480895
BIO 102
Introductory Biology
BUS 102 Introduction to Business 978-0-470-53129-7
BUS 185 Business Law I 9780132664370
CIS 604
Visual Basic 978-0-07-351-725-4
CIS 612
Advanced Visual Basic Same Book as CIS604
CRJ 100
Intro. to Criminal Justice 9780078111532
CRJ 110
Patrol Procedures 9781435488663
CRJ 120
Intro. to Corrections 9780078026478
CRJ 132
Constitutional Law 978-0-495-81126-8
CRJ 133
Constitutional Criminal Procedure 0135110572
CRJ 141
Criminal Investigation 9781435469938
CRJ 160
Intro. to Forensic Investigation 0135045207
CRJ 170
Overview of Cybercrime 0-13-154727-5
CRJ 200
Criminology 9781305642836
CRJ 206
Terrorism Response 9780132683111
CRJ 300
Perspectives of Homeland Security 9780135111925
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers 9781285088457 & 9781285845531
ECN 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 9781285165875
ECN 130 Principles of Microeconomics Same Book as ECN120
ENG 025 Basic Writing 9780134021690
with access code for My Writing Lab
ENG 101 Elements of Writing 9780134021690
ENG 105 Composition I 978-0-312-542627
ENG 106
Composition II Same Book as ENG105
HCA 151
Overview of Health Care 0131391569
HCA 153
Career Opportunities 978-0-324-31704-6
HCA 155
Technology and Health Care 978-0-13-289764-8
HCA 157
Health Care and Economics 9781111822729
HCA 159
Financial Matters for Health Care Professionals 978-0-7637-7894-1
HCA 161
Legal Issues in Health Care 0132559226
HIS 151
U.S. History to 1877 9781133947738
HSC 113
Medical Terminology 978-0-8036-2954-7
HSV 162
Introduction to Human Disabilities and Services
HSV 180
Ethics for Human Services Professionals
HSV 220
Introduction to Counseling Theories
HSV 854
Human Services Field Experience I
No Text Book Required
HSV 855
Human Services Field Experience II
No Text Book Required
HUM 113
Exploring the Humanities No Text Book Required
Requires DVD Movies and Short Stories (Novels)
MAT 045 Fundamentals of Math 9781133103622
MAT 063 Elementary Algebra 9781111563974
MAT 111 Math for Liberal Arts 0321645855
MAT 140
Finite Math 0321645537
MGT 101 Principles of Management 9780132553285
MGT 260 Introduction to Business Logistics 0538479183
MGT 261 Principles of Transportation Management 0-324-78919-x
MGT 262 Principles of Purchasing Logistics 978-0073377896
MGT 263 Principles Distribution & Warehouse Management 978-0-7494-6627-5
MGT 264 Demand Planning & Inventory Management 978-1932159011
MGT 265 International Transportation & Logistics 978-0-9894906-0-3
MGT 270 Operations Production Management 9780538479134
MGT 280 Capstone No Book Required
Microcomputer Fundamentals 978-1-59749-105-1
Advanced Networking Technology 978-0-7356-2716-1
Network Design & Documentation No Book Required
Network Cabling
(2 books required)
9781587133169 Theory Guide
9781587133121 Lab Comp
CISCO Networking 
(2 books required)
Same books as NET191
CISCO Routers
(2 books required)
9781587133183 Theory Guide
9781587133206 Lab Comp
CISCO Switches 
(2 books required)
9781587133282 Theory Guide
9781587133251 Lab Comp
(2 books required)
9781587133329 Theory Guide
9781587133312 Lab Comp
Windows Server 
Windows Directory Server Same Book as NET314
Linux System Administration 978-0-07-184536-6
Advanced Linux System Administration Same book as NET413
Network+ Certification 978-1-133-60819-6
Network Security 978-1-305-09391-1
Telecommunications Services 978-0619035471
NET790 PC Support I
(2 books required)
9781587133084 Theory Guide
9781587133107 Lab Comp
PC Support II Same Book as NET790
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy 9780078119095
PHI 145 Intro. to Ethical Conflict 9780133804058
PHS 120
Exploring Physical Science 978-0-321-50136-3
POL 111
American National Government 0077566505 (Custom ISBN)
Intro. to Psychology 9780077771416
PSY 112 Psychology of Human Relations** 9780205961627
PSY 121
Developmental Psychology 9780077861933
RDG 048 Basic Reading 978-1-59194-099-9
SDV 118
The Online Experience 9781133316312
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 978-0-393-91213-5
SOC 115
Social Problems 978-1-111-83448-7
SOC 130
Introduction to Gerontology 9780078026850
SOC 140
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SOC 150
Introduction to Human Services
9780495 007920
SOC 200
Minority Group Relations
SPC 112 Public Speaking 9780205930135