International Admissions

* International students can’t enroll into the Computer Networking Technology program due to the difficulty of sending books and materials to students.

Prospective international students applying for Admission to Iowa Central must:

1. Complete an International Student Application

2. Show evidence of their English proficiency by providing one of the following:

a. TOEFL Score of 500 or higher (CBT 173 or higher), or

b. An official transcript showing a satisfactory grade (C or better) of a freshman level English course at an approved U.S. college or university, or

c. A high school transcript from a country where English language is the basic language taught.


1. Iowa Central College Online requires all prospective international students from non-English speaking countries to submit a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score.

2. International students are expected to score at least 500 on the paper based test or at least 173 on a computer based test for acceptance.

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