Technology Requirements

Online degree programs at Iowa Central College Online have minimum hardware and software requirements for attendance. Below are the hardware and software requirements for enrollment with Iowa Central Online.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 highly recommended (Iowa Central provides it as long as you’re an active student with Iowa Central)
  • 4GB RAM minimum; or higher
  • 1024×768 or greater monitor and video card
  • 75GB or higher of free hard drive space
  • A current up to date anti-virus application
  • DVD ROM drive for course material(s)
  • Sound card with speakers
  • Access to a digital camera or web camera to take pictures for documentation of work done
  • Access to a recording device or a high quality web cam for SPC-112 (web cam should be tested prior to the start of class)
  • Operating systems installed:
    • Windows 8 or higher
    • Mac iOS
  • Persistent high speed broadband connection (DSL or Cable) (Dial-up/Modem Connection won’t work for these courses. Tethering also won’t work)
  • Browser Software (Either one will work)
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla FireFox
  • Latest version of Java (Version 8 Update 131) installed
  • Latest version of Flash (Version installed
  • Click on the link to see other recommended software (
  • Additional working monitor for computer kit (needed if you’re in the CNT program)
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