Enrollment Agreement SCM

A total of 67 credits is required for completion of the Iowa Central Community College Associate in Applied Science.

Please note: At Iowa Central Community College Online, students typically take two classes every  8 weeks.  Classes run consecutively without a break from one set of classes to the next.  This allows students to graduate at an accelerated rate. Students will have a one week break during the Christmas holiday each year that will not impact class schedules.

A student enrolling in their final block of classes at Iowa Central Community College may be financially responsible for the credits take in that block. Please contact your financial aid advisor prior to starting your final block of classes to verify your financial obligation.

* We reserve the right to change the official sequence of the courses. Contact your academic counselor for your order of coures.

Required Course of Study
ACC 111 Introduction to Accounting 3 credits
BUS 102 Introduction to Business 3 credits
BUS 185 Business Law I 3 credits
CSC 110 Introduction to Computers 3 credits
ECN 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credits
ECN 120 Principles of Microeconomics 3 credits
ENG 105 Composition I 3 credits
MAT 111 Math for Liberal Arts 4 credits
MGT 101 Principles of Management 3 credits
MGT 260 Introduction to Business Logistics 3 credits
MGT 261 Technology and Health Care 3 credits
MGT 262 Principes of Purchasing Logistics 3 credits
MGT 263 Principles Distribution & Warehouse Management 3 credits
MGT 264 Demand Planning & Inventory Management 3 credits
MGT 265 International Transportation & Logistics 3 credits
MGT 270 Operations Production Management 3 credits
MGT 280 Capstone 4 credits
PHI 145 Introduction to Ethical Conflict 3 credits
PSY 112 Psychology of Human Relations 3 credits
SDV 118 The Online Experience 3 credits
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits
SPC 112 Public Speaking 3 credits
Total 67 Credits

SCM Enrollment Agreement

  • Honor Code:

  • As a student of one of Iowa Central's online programs, I will abide by all rules and regulations of Iowa Central. I agree that I may be subject to disciplinary actions established by the College to address violations of the honor code. I will take sole responsibility for my actions in the online courses. All coursework, unless otherwise given prior approval, will be completed solely by me. Collaboration on quizzes, tests, assignments, and other academic exercises are not tolerated by Iowa Central. I have a understanding of what actions are portrayed as cheating/plagiarism by me as a student. All work will be my own work and without copyright violations. As an Iowa Central student and user of iNET, I respect the privacy of other users and will adhere to this policy by not harassing, abusing, or insulting other students, professors, or administrators at Iowa Central. I will respect the integrity of the computer systems and will not disrupt the learning environment. I will not wrongfully hack computer systems and will not abuse copyright policies and laws. Violators of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action by administrators of Iowa Central and may lead to expulsion from the institution.

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