AA Hardware/Software Agreement

Students must have the requirements listed below:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Software Trial version will not work (not provided with course materials or by Iowa Central)
  • IBM PC Compatible
  • Pentium III or higher
  • 2GB RAM minimum; or higher
  • SVGA graphics (800×600/16-bit color)
  • Hard drive disk space requirements: 10GB or higher of free hard drive space
  • DVD Rom disk drive for course materials
  • One of the following operating systems must be installed: Win 7 or Higher
  • Live internet connection (High speed broadband, T1 or ISDN recommended; 56K minimum connection required). Persistent connection required.
  • Browser Software (Either one will work)
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla FireFox
  • Macromedia Flash Player 10 or higher
  • Access to a recording device such as CD/DVD, or a high quality web cam (web cam should be tested prior to the start of SPC-112)

We strongly suggest that you have the following computer skills before starting classes:

  • Having and owning a computer at home is going to be a big help
  • Time management
  • Like to read a lot and follow directions closely
  • Be able to use a computer to: Email, Send Email attachments, surf the “Web”, navigate of computer system, opening programs, save and open files in different formats, cut and paste text, knowledgeable of Word Processing, able to download files and save them to different locations on your computer.

I have read and understand the hardware and software requirements for enrollment and acknowledge that I own or have regular unrestricted access to the equipment described above. I understand that I must have the ability to receive or send faxed material.

AA Hardware and Software Agreement

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